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Our pipe relining method uses Brawoliner materials, a pipe reliner that inserts a resin coated liner into your damaged pipes that forms a long tube and sets to become a hard, reinforcing the integrity of your existing pipe and allowing unimpeded flow without the need to excavate

Living in Australia, we’ve all likely heard stories where plumbers have had to dig up lawns, or pull up floorboards to replace sections damaged sewer pipe. Traditionally there was no other option, however now with the aid of innovation and the help of modern technology, those sections of damaged pipe can be repaired quickly, with minimal disruption and with little to no trace.

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Inspect the pipe damage

The first step in the pipe relining process is to find out exactly what is wrong with the pipe. To achieve this, a drain cameras is sent down to see what is happening inside the piping. The drain camera is on the lookout for any blockages that may need clearing, as well as any damage that is apparent and any junctions will need to be addressed later on.

Once this is complete, this information is used to decide on the best way to get the pipe ready for relining.

Clear and clean the piping

If any solid intrusions or damage are found to the pipe, a robotic cutter is used to remove them. Robotic cutters will cut through almost anything, including steel and concrete.

A high-pressure water jetter is used to clear the pipe of any debris and blockages, as well as thoroughly clean the pipe wall to ensure a good bond between the outside of the new lining and the old pipe

Check pipe is ready for relining

Before the pipe relining starts, drain cameras are sent down again to do one final check. This is to ensure that all intrusions have been removed and the pipe is clean of debris and ready for relining.

It is also finalised as to exactly how the pipe is to be relined and how much lining is needed to be prepared.

Completing the process

The damaged section of pipe has now been completely relined.

One final check is carried out to ensure the pipe is fully covered and as good as new (maybe even better), providing 50+ years of protection.

This involves both a visual inspection with a drain camera and a check for leaks with the appropriate leak detection equipment.

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