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Gas lines are vital for households: they power stoves, water heaters, and other appliances to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable all year long. However, your gas line also carries naturally volatile elements that can be dangerous if not handled properly. Time and use corrode gas lines, making them more susceptible to cracks and breaks. At MPE Maintenance Plumbing Experts, our skilled team of gas leak professionals have extensive training and certification to locate and repair gas leak.


You should never try and fix a gas leak yourself. Pay attention to the tell-tale signs of a gas leak. It can save your life.

  • Carbon Monoxide Gas Leaks is nothing to play around with but can be one of the more difficult challenges of gas detection.The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are dizziness, nausea, and lightheadedness.These symptoms go away when breathing fresh air. We have the tools.
  • Natural Gas Leaks smells like rotten eggs because of the hydrogen sulfide in it. If you smell rotten eggs, call us right away to take care of this for you.
  • Some Household Appliances can have a gas leak you may not be able to smell. Follow these warnings:
    • Crisp blue flames are normal, orange, or yellow flames are not;
    • A pilot light that blows out easily is not normal;
    • Lookout for black or brown soot around your appliances; beware of condensation on your windows;
    • If you smell musty air, there may be a gas leak.

It is imperative to detect the cause of any gas odors in your home:

  • Higher gas bill
  • Feeling of dizziness or headaches
  • Pilot light constantly blows out
  • A blue gas flame, rather than orange/yellow flame

Gas leaks are particularly dangerous because you can’t always smell them. If you do suspect a break in your gas line, contact qualified professionals to handle the job. Our leak detection specialists are ready to step in. Our high-quality work and comprehensive insight have made us the trusted company since 2014.


Your gas lines require regular maintenance to ensure optimum use. Continuous use, improper installation, environmental factors, and more can cause pipes to rust, break, or crack. When it comes to gas line repairs, you do not want to trust just anyone. Our expert technicians have the training and experience to keep your family safe.

If you believe you have a gas leak, it is imperative you do not turn on any appliances that use flame. Open your windows and step out of the house to protect you and your loved ones. Our leak detection specialists will arrive on time and diagnose the situation. We use non-invasive, advanced technology to locate the leak and provide reliable solutions.

How Can Professionals Repair Burst Pipes?

Interior burst pipes are relatively simple replacement jobs, but underground pipes are often repaired using trenchless technology. Using a camera, plumbers survey the damaged pipe from the inside. With proper evaluation, they may force a new pipe through the burst one, effectively replacing the pipe without extensive digging and landscape damage.

Another option is pulling the underground burst pipe out while installing the new pipe in its wake. Plumbers need access to the pipe’s ends to align the plumbing correctly. Any burst pipes within walls or ceilings will need to be accessed with drywall removal. Because it may be saturated as well, drywall removal only helps you repair the area after the plumbing is upgraded.

At MPE Maintenance Plumbing Experts, we understand that gas leak require immediate attention. Count on us to tackle all of your gas leak repairs.

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